The weather forecast calls for very cold temperatures overnight for the rest of the week. 

Before leaving your offices and workspaces each day, we ask you to check that all windows are closed, and fan coil units are turned ON to the heat setting in all indoor spaces–offices, classrooms, labs, and meeting rooms. It is important that the fan coil units are kept on at all times during the cold weather to prevent damage caused by freezing pipes. If there are spaces in your suite or department where individuals may be out, please turn those fan coil units on today as well, and please call the Plant if you need access to locked areas. 

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Central Plant directly at 718.982.3204 or 718.982.3205 at any time (24/7).

Last winter, these simple steps taken by our faculty and staff successfully spared the College many disruptive repairs; your effort to keep our offices, classrooms, and labs safe and running smoothly is very much appreciated.

Thank you and stay safe.

By Keith J. Pisons