We are pleased to invite nominations for this year’s Dolphin Awards. 

The deadline for submission is Friday, Mar. 8, 2024 at 5:00pm. 

The Dolphin Award, instituted in 1980, is given by the President to select faculty, staff, and students in recognition of their contribution and achievements. The awards are bestowed annually and formally presented on the day of the College’s Commencement. 

For all Dolphin Awards, the Dolphin Awards Committee will consider length of service, a sustained contribution over many years, or an exceptional recent contribution. 

For each submission, a detailed statement of the achievements of the candidate should support the nomination. Nominators must provide a written statement (see online form) outlining the primary contributions and include supporting documentation that is relevant to the nomination category. For detailed information about award categories, supporting documentation required for each submission, and eligibility requirements, as well as a list of the Dolphin Awards Committee members, please visit Dolphin Awards | Faculty & Staff | College of Staten Island Website (cuny.edu) .

In all cases, any records related to personnel information (i.e.; salary information or an official review by the candidate’s supervisor) should not be included in the nomination package.

Where to Send Nominations:

Please email your nomination materials, as well as any questions you may have, to DolphinAward@csi.cuny.edu .

By Jessica Collura