Winnie Brophy, Director of Special Programs and Initiatives at CSI’s Center for Global Engagement, has received a Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) Award. One of only 14 U.S. candidates selected, nationwide, Brophy will participate in the program in Taiwan, this March.

According to the Fulbright program, the award is a fully funded opportunity “for U.S. higher education administrators to participate intensive two-week seminars abroad to learn about other countries’ higher education systems.” The goals of the award are for participants to strengthen their institution’s ability to provide international education, develop a cross-cultural outlook, and encourage collaboration with students and colleagues, worldwide.

“I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of the IEA Award Scholarship to Taiwan,” Brophy noted. “This is a huge encouragement for me as I continue my journey in higher education to promote the importance of international understanding, which is one of the missions of the College of Staten Island.

“This award helps me towards my personal development and career advancements.” She continued. “I greatly appreciate the generous financial support I have been given to pursue my career in higher education.”

Stephen Ferst, Executive Director of the CSI Center for Global Engagement, commented, “I could not be more pleased to learn of Ms. Brophy’s selection as a Fulbright award winner. This award is a reflection of her hard work and dedication to the field of international education. The Fulbright award has always been a symbol of excellence and distinction and Ms. Brophy embodies these qualities. Her commitment to CSI and our students comes through every day and is a high-watermark to which we all can aspire.” 

Participants in the program will take part in a two-week group seminar consisting of representatives of universities and organization, and agencies in the private sector, as well as other government agencies. The program provides education administrators from the U.S. with exposure to Taiwan’s higher educational system, as well as its culture and society through campus visits, briefings, meetings with Taiwanese government officials and international education professionals, and cultural events.

Brophy commented that she is “particularly interested in this Fulbright award to Taiwan because it would give me the opportunity to further develop and build on my present work, to expand on it as an inspiring education administrator and work with a diverse population. I work closely with students, faculty and staff members, as well as overseas visitors and outside organizations. My work has allowed me the opportunity to develop the skills needed to assist, challenge, and motivate the diverse student body at CSI.”

Explaining the importance and impact of the Center for Global Engagement, Ferst said, “Over the course of over 40 years, the efforts of the Center have had a profound impact on the quality of thousands of CSI students who have come from overseas to complete their education or traveled abroad from CSI to enhance their studies. Through comprehensive programming, both at home and abroad, our students are exposed to the world in ways many had never even considered before coming to CSI. New horizons and opportunities to live globally, engage in intercultural activities, and learn from others are the strengths of a truly globalized education—and one that CSI and the Center for Global Engagement provide daily to our students.

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