As you know, the solar eclipse is coming on Monday afternoon. Below, please find eclipse (and eclipse glasses) information that you may consider useful: 

-CUNY GC’s communications office has posted a user-friendly Q&A article about viewing the eclipse:

Embedded in the article are some short videos that you may also find informative and useful.

The National Science Foundation Solar Eclipse Live Stream: a YouTube on April 8 starting around 11 a.m. PDT/noon MDT/1 p.m. CDT/2 p.m. EDT.

-The National Science Foundation 2024 Solar Eclipse Information Website with information on when and where to observe the eclipse.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has a small supply of free eclipse glasses, courtesy of NASA, the American Astronomical Society, NOAA, the National Science Foundation, UCAR, Optica, and other great organizations. These are correctly manufactured and will protect your eyes if you use them properly. (Remember, if you’re viewing the eclipse on Monday afternoon anywhere on Staten Island or in the New York City metro area, you MUST use this protection when looking at the sun to be safe!)  

If you’d like to have a pair for eclipse viewing, please contact India Clemente, our administrative assistant for the Department of Physics and Astronomy, by email ( or phone 718-982-2827. Please arrange with India a time to pick them up, and then come get them from her at the department office in Building 1N, Room 232.

Enjoy the eclipse, everyone.

By Charles Liu and Ralf Peetz