The Psychology Department at the College of Staten Island recently welcomed students from Cranford High School for an engaging and educational campus visit. The event aimed to introduce high school students to the field of psychology and the opportunities available within the major.

The day commenced with a warm welcome from the New Student Programs office, setting a positive tone for the visit. Following the welcome, students embarked on lab tours where they observed various psychology research projects in action. These tours provided a hands-on glimpse into the daily work of psychology researchers.

After the lab tours, the group enjoyed a lunch break, offering a chance to relax and socialize. The afternoon session began with open remarks from several distinguished speakers. The Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sarolta Takács, highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary studies. Chair of Psychology, Comfort Asanbe, and CMHC Director, Frances Melendez, also shared insights about the department and the field of psychology.

Professor Samantha Holmes then delivered an engaging presentation on current psychology research, showcasing the depth and breadth of the field. To cap off the day, students participated in an interactive demonstration involving muscle simulation activities, which allowed them to experience firsthand some of the physiological aspects of psychological research.

The visit left a lasting impression on the high school students. Mackenzie Mannix, one of the attendees, shared her excitement, stating, “I saw the many possibilities that college can bring me. It was nice being able to see the stuff we were learning applied.”

Overall, the campus visit successfully inspired the next generation of psychology students, offering them a comprehensive look at both the academic and practical applications of the field.

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By: Jacky Zhao