We’re excited to announce an important update to CUNY’s Blackboard Learning Management System environment. Effective Saturday, June 29, Blackboard Learn will be updated to Blackboard Base Navigation, Blackboard’s next generation user interface. No downtime is expected as a result of this maintenance. After the upgrade, users will see an updated Blackboard Home Page in Base Navigation, while course functionality and navigation will remain the same. This transition is necessary as Blackboard’s parent company is moving all its clients to the new interface. 

Blackboard Base Navigation offers a more intuitive and efficient way to access your courses and content. Right from the moment you log in, you’ll notice an immediate difference:

·         Unified Access: Your core features and tools are conveniently located in the list where your name appears, making navigating from one place to any area within Blackboard easy.

·         Simplified Workflow: With Base Navigation, you can easily peek at your navigation list from any layer within the platform.

·         Enhanced Activity Stream: Stay on top of all course activities with a comprehensive activity stream that alerts you to everything happening across your courses.

·         Global Course Overview: Access a global view of your courses directly from any link in the navigation list.

For a view of the new landing page and more information on using Blackboard Base Navigation, go online.

We understand that change can be challenging, but we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Please feel free to contact us at LMSsupport@csi.cuny.edu with questions, concerns, or your thoughts on the process.

Thank you.

By Michael Castelli