‘I come right at you’: The vigilantelike figure who’s running to be the GOP mayor of New York [quotes CSI Political Science Professor Richard Flanagan]

Politico.com – As many New Yorkers fear the city could slip into the bad old days of subway crimes and gang shootings, one of the more memorable characters from the city’s rough and tumble past has emerged to carry the Republican banner into the general election for mayor. Read more at Politico.com.

By Erin Durkin

When Pop History Bombs: A Response to Malcolm Gladwell’s Love Letter to American Air Power [Article is co-written by Cary Karacas, Associate Professor of Geography at CSI and The Graduate Center]

Los Angeles Review of Books – There’s a rich irony that Malcolm Gladwell’s new book is spun off from episodes of his Revisionist History podcast. Ostensibly a meditation on the morality of bombing civilians during World War II, The Bomber Mafia is anything but revisionist. Read more at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

By David Fedman and Cary Karacas

Gloria Steinem hates it – but is The Real Housewives secretly a feminist triumph? [Quotes Racquel Gates, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at CSI]

The Guardian –The Real Housewives is one of the biggest and glitziest reality franchises on TV. But just who are its many stars; how much money do they make; which of the international offshoots, from Hungary to Cheshire, are worth watching – and how much of it is real? Read more at The Guardian.

By Editor