New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed Dr. Marlene Springer, President, College of Staten Island (CSI), The City University of New York (CUNY), to a 13-member Charter Revision Commission to be chaired by former Police Commissioner Robert J. McGuire.

This Commission will review the entire City Charter to determine whether revision is needed and will hold a series of public meetings and hearings in all five boroughs before issuing a final report of its findings and recommendations.

The bipartisan Commission will decide by early September whether to propose any amendments to New York City voters on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, 2002.

The members of this Commission “represent the very best of New York: independence, intelligence, and integrity,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “I am certain they will do an excellent job in evaluating whether civic improvements are needed, and if they are, in proposing amendments to the voters this November.”

“The City Charter Revision panel is joined together by a deep interest in the issues that face our city, and will be focused on positively contributing to whatever changes are necessary to the City Charter,” commented CSI’s President Springer. “I look forward to collaborating with my fellow members on the panel, and recommending a roadmap for legislators to bring our great city into the 21st Century.”

The Charter Revision Commission members include Robert J. McGuire, Herman Badillo, Richard I. Beattie, Wellington Z. Chen, Jerry E. Garcia, Patricia L. Gatling, Judah Gribetz, Patricia M. Hynes, Harry Kresky, Loretta Lynch, Cecilia E. Norat, Marlene Springer, and Herbert Sturz.