“Identity theft is a growing issue in America,” according to Hugo Kijne, director of Continuing Education and Professional Development at the College of Staten Island.

“We learn about the horrors of identity theft everyday on television, radio, and the newspapers,” he continues, “and we thought it was time to help offer a solution by bringing Staten Islanders the important information they need to protect themselves in this day and age.”

CSI’s Continuing Education and Professional Development office, in a joint venture with the CSI Small Business Development Center, presents a seminar on the facts, fiction, and fantasy of identity theft at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 9, at the college’s Willowbrook campus.

Anthony J. Luizzo, internationally renowned security lecturer and consultant, and current CEO of LC Consultants, will enlighten business owners, consumers, and the public on their rights and what they can do to guard their identities. Additionally, this lively, timely and engaging presentation will help persons outline a plan of action should they suspect identity theft.

The hour and a half seminar, which gives concerned citizens the opportunity to filter out the fact from the flimflam, costs $15. For more information or registration please call the College of States Island office of Continuing Education and Professional Development at (718) 982-2182.