STATEN ISLAND, NY–Borough President James P. Molinaro will hold a press conference on Tuesday, February 6, 2007, at 1:00pm to announce the allocation of $325,000 in capital funding to the College of Staten Island for three projects: improvements to the library rotunda, funding for a transportation modeling and visualization laboratory, and funding directed toward the Archives and Special Collections area, which will house papers from Borough President Molinaro’s administration. The press conference will be held at the College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, in the Archives and Special Collections Room, located on the second floor of the Library.

Joining the Borough President will be CSI President Marlene Springer; Vice Presidents Angelo J. Aponte, Carol Jackson, Michael Kress, David Podell, and Richard Truitt; Deans Francisco Soto and Gail Simmons; Mr. Robert Huber; Mr. Thomas Tyburczy; and Dr. Lia Kudless.

The transportation modeling laboratory will help students and researchers to view the impact of transportation trends on Staten Island and in the southern corridor of New York State. The lab will allow students to estimate current system performance as well as model the potential impact of changes in the system. The Archives and Special Collections area houses papers from local elected officials and will showcase papers and documents from Borough President Molinaro’s two terms in office. The library rotunda improvements will allow for a new vestibule to be built at the entrance of the library.