Due to the fact that it is in the fastest growing county in New York State, Staten Island faces a number of significant problems, such as an infrastructure system that is not keeping up with an expanding population; nightmarish transportation problems, including the longest average commute in the nation; and an increased strain on services for residents.

In an effort to address these issues and improve the quality of life for all Staten Islanders, Vision for Staten Island is seeking volunteers.

Vision for Staten Island is a community initiative to bring together citizens and public and private leaders from throughout the borough to create an inclusive and comprehensive vision for the future.

The vision will identify shared goals for all aspects of the Island’s life, and specific steps to implement each goal. Vision for Staten Island represents an opportunity to develop a vision and a plan where none exists. It will address and put into perspective all of the critical issues facing the Borough, creating a plan that will have the support of community leaders and the public.

Using an inclusive, transparent process, the vision will gather the support of hundreds of institutions and organizations throughout the Island, including business groups, environmental organizations, government, and civic groups. This network of organizations, gathered in support of the vision, will promote partnerships between public, private, and civic sectors, propelling the community toward successful implementation of its vision.

At present, Vision for Staten Island needs volunteers who will serve as meeting facilitators. Facilitators will lead Idea Gathering Meetings to collect ideas on how to make Staten Island the best that it can be in the coming years. In essence, they will lead Staten Island’s biggest brainstorming ever.

If you are interested in effecting positive change in the Borough, comfortable working in front of small groups of people, able to remain neutral during the facilitation process, and available to attend a two-hour training session on November 20 or 21, contact Vision for Staten Island at 718.568.3561, or visit www.sivision.org for more information.

Staten Island is currently at a crossroads.