The National Honor Society Chapter at Susan E. Wagner Higher School on Staten Island honored College of Staten Island President Tomás Morales last night by presenting him with the Educational Leadership in the Service of Youth Award.

Wagner High School Principal, Gary M. Giordano said, “It is my honor to present The Educational Leadership in the Service of Youth Award to…Dr. Morales. It is my belief that as a result of his academic vision and leadership, the College of Staten Island continues its rise to prominence in The City University of New York system of higher education. The partnership that Susan E. Wagner High School and the College of Staten Island have nurtured over the years has had a wonderful impact on the Wagner students and graduates.”

In discussing the award selection process, Giordano, stated that “we sit down as a committee, look at the community as a whole, and try to identify individuals—and their organizations—who we believe have really made an impact on our student body. We are looking for those leadership qualities that result in benefiting our students.”

In his acceptance remarks, President Morales said, “So many teachers and administrators at this great high school have had a relationship with the College of Staten Island, either as an undergraduate or graduate students. And year after year, CSI has been the destination for many of Wagner’s finest students. I’m honored that so many of you have entrusted your education to the outstanding faculty of the College of Staten Island. I applaud your choice and your wisdom.”

Giordano commented that “many of our students attend CSI, whether they’re in the Honors program or the many other programs that CSI offers. The numbers are there and they’re succeeding and doing very well. Also, [there is] the very involved relationship that we have with the [College’s] Discovery Institute, where many assistant principals serve as advisers.”