CUNY policy regarding SIMS passwords has changed.  Effective immediately, you must change your password at least once every 45 days.  Also be advised, if you do not use your SIMS account within 120 days, it will be revoked.  These rules are designed to assist in protecting the privacy of our student information and to help ensure the integrity of our student and course data. To begin enforcing this policy, your password will automatically be changed for you, Thursday night, May 14.  Your SIMS Userid will not be altered.  The mailroom will soon deliver correspondence to your office address with your new password and these same instructions. We ask all faculty and adjuncts to please sign onto SIMS before leaving for the summer. The first time that you log on beginning Friday, May 15, you must enter this new password. You will then be informed that your password has expired and you will be directed to enter your SIMS Userid, your assigned password, and a new password of your choosing.  You will then hit the “enter” key and again enter only the assigned password and the one of your choosing.    
All passwords must be exactly eight characters long and contain at least one number that is not in the first or last position.  You can only use letters and numbers in your password.  You will not be allowed to reuse any previously used passwords or any passwords that too closely resemble a previous password. 
If you have any questions, please call 718.982.2209.