Dr. Sandi Cooper, Professor of History at the College of Staten Island, has been named the latest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Peace History Society.

Regarding the award, which will be presented at the Society’s banquet tomorrow, Cooper says, “I am deeply touched, honored, and slightly embarrassed by the award voted to me for Lifetime Achievement by the Peace History Society. As a member since its founding, I know there are several other scholars in this country and abroad whose achievements are impressive and they too ought to be so recognized.

“The scholarly group,” Cooper continues, “which creates and sustains our community of people concerned with the historic means by which peace has been won, lost, preserved, created, and changed over the centuries, includes a range of political ideologies whose intellectual work is obviously tied to global realities. I am happy to be included in such company.”

Ginger Williams, President of the Peace History Society, comments that Lifetime Achievement Award winners are “chosen to receive the award based on their scholarly contributions to the field of peace history and based on their commitment and service to the Peace History Society.”

“Sandi Cooper has been an active and steadfast member of the Peace History Society for many years,” Williams adds.”We are pleased that she will receive the second Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The winner of the first Lifetime Achievement Award was Prof. Charles Chatfield.

Prof. Sandi Cooper is the latest winner of the Peace History Society's Lifetime Achievement Award.