March is the last Personal Productivity Month for the CUNY Professional Development Program this year and CUNY will be offering four professional development programs in March free of charge.

Three of these programs are designed for managers and supervisors. The managerial/supervisory courses are:

“Developing Procedures: Improving Work Processes” This is a business analysis course that gives managers and supervisors the opportunity to reflect on current work practices within their departments/units and to determine ways for eliminating performance gaps. This is an excellent course for supervisors who need to get a lot done.

Date: Monday, Mar. 15 and Tuesday, Mar. 16; 9:00am to 5:00pm

Course #: C9052

Location: CUNY Central Office at 57th Street

“Performance Management” This course is somewhat related to the course listed above except that it looks at managing individual job performance rather than reviewing work processes. Methods for managing the job performance of professional staff is emphasized, although general techniques applicable to administrative staff also are presented.

Date: Thursday, Mar. 18 and Friday, Mar. 19; 9:00am to 5:00pm

Course #: C9037

Location: New York City College of Technology

“The Road to Resiliency” CUNY is experiencing a lot of changes. Managers and supervisors are called upon to keep their staff members and others on campus motivated. But how can you keep others going when your own energy is waning? This course presents methods for self-rejuvenation that can be applied at work or in personal life.

Date: Thursday, Mar. 18; 9:00am to 5:00pm

Course #: C9126

Location: CUNY Central Office at 57th Street

For administrative staff, one of the most popular new courses is offered:

“Motivating Yourself for Success: Making It Happen” Administrative professionals learn specific techniques for motivating themselves for better job performance and challenges in their personal lives, as well as the importance of investing in themselves

Date: Tuesday, Mar. 30; 900am to 5:00pm

Course #: C9092

Location: CUNY Central Office at 41st Street

Click Here , click on “CUNY Professional Development Training Application,” and then complete the application to register for these courses. Please contact Carolyn Burns at 718.982.2376 with any questions regarding these courses.