The Academy of Retired Professors recently held its inaugural luncheon in the Campus Center Park Café, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere for retired faculty to socialize, catch up, share a delicious buffet lunch, and plan the future course of the organization.

CSI President Dr. Tomás Morales addressed the attendees and stressed the importance of exploring ways in which the faculty emeriti could become more involved with the College. He also reminded the audience that his home will be the site of the second annual gathering for retired faculty this fall. The President concluded his remarks by providing examples of CSI’s recent achievements, such as its ever-expanding ties with other institutions of higher learning worldwide, and the fact that many of the College’s 2010 graduates will be going on to great graduate programs.

ARP Co-chair Dr. Irene Deitch, who followed the President, thanked Susan Been from Institutional Advancement for all of her support to the Academy, and she also introduced the members of the ARP Steering Committee.

Next, Bob Chiles humorously presented a prize to Jed Luchow for being the person who traveled the farthest to attend the reunion.

A business meeting then took place, as Co-chair Jim Sanders presented the evolution of the Academy and efforts undertaken for future growth of the organization, Bob Chiles addressed ARP’s formal integration into the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education, and Mimi Tausner invited attendees to provide input to help chart ARP’s future course. Jim Sanders also distributed information sheets and applications to attendees, asking them to pass them on to other CSI retired faculty who are not yet affiliated with ARP.

The reunion also featured a touching moment, as Jed Luchow paid tribute to Joel Berger, crediting him with inspiring him to continue his education.

Dr. Deitch concluded the afternoon’s remarks with reminders of upcoming events in the fall, including
the gathering at the President’s house and fall reunion brunches.

Barbara Eshoo, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and External Affairs, was in attendance, as were Jennifer Lynch, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, and Donna Garambone, Alumni Affairs Coordinator.

For more information on ARP, or to join, contact Dr. Irene Deitch at or Dr. Jim Sanders at