In an effort to enhance performance and minimize the impact of forgotten passwords, Office Automation and User Services has implemented automatic password reset functionality into the FLAS domain. The automatic password reset will be based on the user initially answering pre-defined challenge questions. If answered correctly, the user will then be able to reset his/her FLAS password without the intervention of Technology Systems. Keep in mind that your FLAS password and Microsoft Exchange password are linked, so changing your FLAS password will also change your email password.

In addition, The College of Staten Island will be following the Computer Security Policy put in place by CUNY, which states that passwords need to expire every 90 days. Having the automatic password reset functionality will help in transitioning to the 90-day password change. In order to take advantage of the self-service password reset for the FLAS domain please Click Here, enter your FLAS username and password, and then answer the challenge questions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Office Automation and User Services at 718.982.4080.