I am pleased to share with the College community the appointment of Christopher Cruz Cullari as the Director of the Office of Disability Services. Chris served as Assistant Director since April 2007 and most recently served as the College’s Interim Director of the Office of Disability Services.

Over the past several years, the Office of Disability Services has experienced significant growth in the number of students it serves. Years of educational legislation at the K-12 level that have integrated students with disabilities in pre-college programming have resulted in a larger number of students with disabilities who are qualified and prepared for baccalaureate study. Under Chris’s leadership as Assistant Director and Interim Director, the Office has created programming driven by student learning outcomes that has increased retention, persistence, and student achievement, further impacting the number of students the Office serves. Students with disabilities are well represented in the College’s selective programs.

Chris serves the College community with excellence on a number of committees. He serves as the chairperson of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee. He is a member of the Campus Assessment Referral and Evaluation System, also known as the CARES team; a member of the 504/ADA Committee; and a member of the Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee. Chris is also a member of Middle States Working Group Three, which focuses on fostering student learning opportunities, retention, and success. Finally, Chris is co-chair of the CUNY-wide Council on Student Disability Issues (COSDI), which is the CUNY-wide directors’ group for disability service providers.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Education and his research focus was on the academic needs of college students with learning disabilities and strategic teaching and learning practices that can benefit a larger student body.

Please join me in congratulating Chris in his appointment as Director of the Office of Disability Services at CSI.