CAAS is pleased to announce the acquisition and successful implementation of Hobsons Retain, a Web-based program that serves as both a communications tool and, more importantly, an early alert system to support student retention and academic success.  Through Hobsons Retain:

  • The College can send specifically targeted emails to matriculated undergraduate students to inform them about upcoming events (such as the Early Advisement Period) or special programs (such as lectures for Accounting majors or workshops for students on academic probation).
  • Undergraduate students have access to “The CSI Bridge,” a customized portal page that houses specific information for students regarding their major and minor, important College policies, and special announcements from their academic departments or advisors. Administrative or academic departments can request information to be placed on the page of specific students, based upon selected criteria.
  • The CSI faculty can—and are strongly encouraged to–utilize “Early Alert,” an automated tool to identify students who may be at risk, thereby opening up crucial lines of communication between faculty and their students and helping connect students to the appropriate campus resources. Early alerts notify students via email of possible academic and attendance concerns during the early portion of the semester so that the issues can be addressed in a timely manner. The early alert process was initially piloted during the Spring 2014 term, and fully implemented for the Fall 2014 semester: early alert information was sent to all faculty members teaching 100- and 200-level courses, with access to Fall 2014 early alert submission expiring on Saturday, Oct. 11.

CAAS looks forward to the continued use of Hobsons Retain and potential expansion of the early alert system in the future, and we welcome your feedback and questions regarding how you and your colleagues may be able to use Hobsons Retain to support your students.