Dr. Marianne R. Jeffreys will be discussing her new empowering book: Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care, 2nd Edition and the Cultural Competence Education Resource Toolkit at the New York Academy of Medicine on Sept. 14 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Dr. Jeffreys’s research encompasses the topics of cultural competence, nontraditional students, student retention and achievement, self-efficacy, teaching, curriculum, and psychometrics.

“Providing quality health care for diverse patient populations and preventing multicultural workplace conflicts are two key issues that need immediate attention, especially amidst our changing health care system. Cultural competence in patient care and in the workplace is the solution,” explains Dr. Jeffreys, referring to her book, Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care, which offers a practical seven-step approach to achieving optimal cultural competence relevant for all health care professionals. It is appropriate for all levels and settings and provides ready-to-use materials for planning, implementing, and evaluating cultural competence education. The book serves as a model for cultural competence education and contains chapters detailing employee orientation and continuing education as well as multidimensional strategies for undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Jeffreys’s conceptual models and questionnaires have been requested worldwide and in various disciplines. She is currently a professor of Nursing at The City University of New York’s (CUNY) Graduate Center and at the College of Staten Island and is a fellow in the New York Academy of Medicine. She is the recipient of the AJN Book of the Year award for the first edition of Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care: Inquiry, Action, and Innovation. She is also the author of Nursing Student Retention: Understanding the Process and Making a Difference.

Copies of Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care, 2nd Edition will be available for purchase at the event. Admission to the event is free but online pre-registration is required.

Dr. Jeffreys will also be speaking at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas on September 30 at the National League for Nursing Conference and at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, Atlanta on October 23 at the international conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society.