The campus is experiencing two emergency repairs, which have had a minimal impact to campus services at this time.

One repair is an excavation occurring on the northwest side of the Campus Center (Building 1C). This excavation may result in further excavation parallel to the north side of 1C and possibly parallel to the west side of 1C. There is a leak in the heating piping that serves 1C and we will continue to excavate an enclosed concrete vault until we locate the leak, and then repair it.

The orther repair involves an excavation in an area parallel to the west side of the tennis bubble, along the sidewalk that is on the west side of that structure, later this week. This excavation will be to repair a leak in a drinking water main.

Both repairs may require re-routing foot traffic along sidewalks, which may become unusable during the excavation. We ask for your patience during these repairs and that you follow the routes that the Office of Public Safety will define.

We estimate these repairs may require several weeks to locate, repair, and restore the site for pedestrian use.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Jim Pepe