Last Thursday evening, at approximately 10:30pm, a female CSI student, reported that she was approached by a unidentified male, as she walked by the Handball Courts, on her way to Parking Lot #6. The male asked the student for her phone number and when the student said “no,” the male grabbed her wrist and exchanged words with the student. After a brief struggle, the student ran to parking lot, drove home, and reported the incident to the Public Safety Office the following evening.

Description of the Suspect:

-Male, White, approximately 21 years old, 6 feet tall, 190 lbs., wearing a navy blue “hoodie,” blue jeans, and black Reebok sneakers

The Office of Public Safety would like to remind the members of the Campus community to be cognizant of their surroundings when walking on campus at night.

-If possible avoid walking alone.

-Walk in well-lit areas. Do not take shortcuts through dimly lit areas.

-Have your Keys ready when walking to your vehicle.

If you encounter any act of harassment or assault on campus, commit the identity/description to memory and report the incident immediately to the Public Safety Office.

The Public Safety Offiice offers a Safety Escort Program to all members of the campus community. Call 2111 from any building lobby phone or place 718.982.2111 on your cell phone speed dial. Public Safety officers will meet you at your location and walk you to your destination.

If you have any questions regarding the above subject matter, please contact the Public Safety Office, Building 2A, Room 108, at 718.982.2111 or 2116.

-Paul Murtha