L-R: President Morales, Gal Beckerman, Amy Posner, Emma Dukhovny, David Mallach, and Steve Acker

Hillel at the College of Staten Island hosted an elegant cocktail reception and book talk last week at the residence of CSI President Dr. Tomás and Mrs. Evy Morales to launch its new fundraising initiative, The Hillel Kavod Circle of Honor.

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The event was chaired by Mrs. Emma Dukhovny, and was well attended by many leading members of the community.

Mr. David Mallach, Managing Director of the UJA Federation of NY’s Commission on the Jewish People gave introductory remarks.

Author Gal Beckerman discussed his insightful and fascinating book When They Come For Us, We’ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry, a 2011 Jewish Book of the Year.

Amy Posner, Executive Director of Hillel at CSI, commented, “Hillel at CSI’s Kavod Circle is ensuring that the next generation of Staten Island’s young leadership is ready to carry on the work of the community. Based on the teachings of the ancient sage Hillel, we believe that the essence of Torah can be learned while standing on one foot: “Do not do unto others that which is hateful to yourself.” For us, that translates into a life based on the values that make our world a better place.”

“Hillel at CSI sets the standard in opportunities for our students to make a difference through service, leadership, spiritual growth, and strong community,” Posner added. “Hillel students log in significant hours of community service hours; tutoring homeless children, collecting for the food pantry and women’s domestic violence shelter, raising money to sponsor seeing-eye dogs for the blind in Israel. The Hillel Kavod Circle of Honor is an investment in the future. After all, who will take on leadership of our community ten or 20 years from now? And if we don’t teach them now, then when?”

The Staten Island Foundation has challenged Hillel at CSI with a matching grant of $10,000. All of the funds raised at the event have been applied to help match that grant. If you are interested in learning more about Hillel at CSI or in making a gift, please contact Amy Posner at amy.posner@csi.cuny.edu or 718.982.3006.