On February 10, 2011, Thomson Reuters released data identifying the world’s top 100 chemists over the past 10 years as ranked by the impact of their published research.  Since approximately a million chemists were recorded in the journal publications indexed by Thomson Reuters during the last decade, these 100 represent the top hundredth of one percent.

CSI’s Michal Kruk ranked at position 72 with 54 papers, 3,315 citations, and a citation impact score of 61.39  Citation impact (citations per paper) is a weighted measure of influence that seeks to reveal consistently superior performance.

The Top 100 list is intended to celebrate the achievements of chemists who achieved the highest citation impact scores for chemistry papers (articles and reviews) published since January 2000. Thomson Reuters published the table in support of the International Year of Chemistry.

View the Top 100 Chemists, 2000-2010, Special Report on High-Impact Chemists online.