College of Staten Island softball star Raechel Strobel was named Hospital for Special Surgery/CUNYAC Scholar-Athlete of the Month for March 2011. The award is given to one student conference wide that excels both in the classroom and on the field of play in their sport. Out of the seven awards given out since September, three CSI athletes have been honored with this proud feat.

“I feel blessed to be recognized for efforts that so many other student athletes also make,” says the humbled Strobel who also received this award during her sophomore season,“I also feel grateful, being recognized is a privilege.”

The senior softball captain boasts a stellar 3.892 as a Mathematics major. Strobel is a mainstay on the dean’s list since her freshman year, Strobel attend the CSI Teacher’s Academy on numerous academic scholarships. As a math tutor for high school students and her peers, including her teammates, Strobel sees a future for herself as a math teacher. She is currently student-teaching at her alma mater, Curtis High School.

A CUNY All-Star since her freshman year, Strobel has had a fine start to her final season at CSI. For the month, she has totaled 17 hits, 13 RBI and 12 runs scored while possessing a .425 batting average. The second baseman is ranked 2nd in conference for RBI’s and 5th for runs scored.

Combining softball, student teaching and school work is no easy task for Strobel, “When the semester started, it was the first time I had to accomplish so many tasks at once, it was initially overwhelming, so I found ways to adjust. Being “balanced” is an important part of life and sports”

The senior credits her positive attitude and focus to those around her, “I always remember to be thankful for the time I have and make the most of it. I am also able to prioritize tasks because of help and guidance from others. I really appreciate the help I get from teachers, what our coaches do for the team, and what my family does for me.” 

Strobel stays optimistic, “Even though there is a lot going on, I have never been more focused and excited about what I’m doing I’m extremely eager about the future because it includes finishing a season with an incredible team, graduating an amazing college and becoming a high school math teacher.” 

She even found a way to combine her passions; “I would really like to coach high school softball one day.”