After approximately two years of hard work and dedication, we are extremely pleased to advise you that the Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) has reached another milestone in the Strategic Planning process–the IPC has completed the draft of the College of Staten Island’s new Strategic Plan. Consistent with the inclusiveness and transparency inherent throughout the Strategic Planning process, the IPC now invites the College community to provide input, in the form of comments and suggestions, concerning the Strategic Plan draft. The document can be accessed through the Strategic Planning Webpage. We ask that you submit your feedback through the Webpage’s Strategic Planning Discussion Board no later than Monday, May 2, 2011. 

This draft Strategic Plan document is composed of five sections. The first three sections set forth the College’s new Mission, Vision, and Values statements and Strategic Directions, which were finalized previously.  

The third section provides the proposed Goals and Recommendations that will be used as the foundation of the Implementation Plan. These Goals and Recommendations were derived from reports drafted by Research Teams formed by each of the six Strategic Direction Committees. The reports, and information concerning the work of the Strategic Direction Committees and their respective Research Teams, can be accessed through the Strategic Direction Committees section of the Strategic Planning Webpage.

The last two sections of this document are a comprehensive Summary of the Planning Process and Acknowledgments for those individuals who served on the Research Teams.  

We strongly encourage you to provide feedback on the new Strategic Plan draft with focus on the proposed Goals and Recommendations. The IPC will duly evaluate and consider your comments and suggestions in these areas prior to finalization of the Strategic Plan. The IPC is poised to turn its attention to the details of implementation plans, following this period of review and consideration by members of the campus community. 

We thank you for your continued engagement and support throughout this Strategic Planning process and we look forward to your response.