On behalf of Hillel at CSI and the Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative at the CSI Center for Environmental Science, we are pleased to announce a unique multimedia play with music that is entertaining and informative, celebrating hope and survival in the face of breast cancer. IlluminArt Productions presents For Our Daughters, a theatrical blending of several mediums: moving scenes performed by actors that tell the story of a woman and her family, powerfully personal filmed interviews of local breast cancer survivors, and inspirational songs that convey courage, persistence, and hope. 

Taking place on Thursday, May 12, 2011 in the Center for the Arts  (Building 1P) Lab Theatre at 1:30pm, For Our Daughters will focus on spreading awareness in helping participants and audiences make responsible decisions about the challenges they face by providing creative space for them to confront and express their thoughts about these issues with their peers and with role models. 

There is a minimum donation of $10, with half of the proceeds going to CSI’s Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative in support for population- and biological-based studies and educational outreach programs through a multidisciplinary approach aimed at making a positive impact on breast cancer incidence and mortality.

For more information about this upcoming performance, please call 718.982.3006.

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