It’s time for broken and unused equipment to be removed from areas and salvaged or discarded. The Office of Buildings and Grounds will conduct campus-wide pick-ups of the equipment from mid-June through mid-July. 

If you need equipment removed for salvage/discard:

-Forward a memo to Georganne Sassano in Building 2A, Room 301 stating which equipment is to be salvaged/discarded
-Include the CUNY barcode tag
-Provide a written description of the location of the equipment

Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Marilyn Ulrich, Supervisor for the Laborers in the Office of Buildings and Grounds, will coordinate a scheduled time with each requestor for a convenient pick-up time. Please make your requests as early in the month as possible. We have limited storage space; therefore, once we reach our capacity, any remaining requests will be held until the next salvage pick-up period in January.

Thank you for your anticipated patience.