The College Observatory has listed an extensive number of dates to observe the heavens, almost one session per week. This semester we have included daytime solar observing to see some of the dramatic happenings on our sun.

The link to our schedule is below. It is very important for the safety and enjoyment of all that you read the information on the schedule page, so you will know what and what not to do, when you come.

You may bring family and friends. There is no fee collected. If you have never seen the heavens in a telescope, I suggest that you not miss a moon session, as the beauty of the lunar landscape will “knock your socks off.”

Highlights include the sun, moon, planet Jupiter, and possibly a comet or two, in addition to interesting deep-space phenomena.  

If the weather is questionable (some clouds approaching/rain or snow) we will leave a message at 718.390.3260  about one hour before an event is scheduled to let you know if we are open. Sometimes we’ll take a chance on the weather and we’ll leave a message to inform you that we are not sure, but we will be open. Please note that no message will be left if the weather is clear.

You can view our current schedule online.  If you are curious about the observatory and our Astronomy/Astrophysics program and research, please visit our award-winning Website. If you have any questions, feel free to call me or catch me at one of the events, since I will be present at all sessions.