Are you interested in a career in the Foreign Service? How far could a student internship at the U.S. Department of State take you? Just for starters, it would give you a greatly coveted inside look at Foreign Service, including the positions available and the responsibilities entailed. Moreover, you’ll gain valuable work experience that you’ll be able to apply to virtually every endeavor—whether you work in government or in the private sector. Positions are both paid and unpaid, and are available during spring, summer or fall semesters.

To be eligible, students must:
-Be U.S. citizens
-Be juniors, seniors, or graduate students in good academic standing. (You are eligible to apply for the Department’s internship program if you have not yet completed your registration at a college or university for graduate or post-graduate studies, including law school, or are awaiting an admissions determination for graduate or post-graduate studies.)
-Successfully complete a background investigation

Applications and further information are available on the Department of State Website.

All academic majors may apply. The application deadline for this internship program is Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011.

Students interested in applying may contact Dr. Geoff Hempill at or 718.982.2301 for assistance with their applications. Further information can also be found in the Career and Scholarship Center in Building 1A, Room 105.