The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is now accepting Community Proposals.

CAB,the programming board that allocates an earmarked portion of the Student Activity Fee for social, cultural, educational, and community service programs, is beginning the process of identifying programs for Spring 2012. If your department is planning a program for students, and believes that CAB maybe interested in co-sponsoring the event, please complete a Community Proposal form The application form is interactive and you can type your request into the fields on the form. Please print the completed form and submit it to CAB. 

Community Proposals for Spring 2012 are due to CAB by Monday, Nov. 21, 2011 at 4:00pm. 

CAB has funded numerous campus programs including “Feminists Are Funny” with the Women’s Center, “Crossing Borders” with the Center for International Service; the Second Annual Technology Fair with Information Technology, and the “Fiesta” with the Modern Languages program, as well as programs to strengthen community and promote pride in CSI including providing funding for refreshments for the CSI Leadership Conference, and for a portion of the CSI Honors Convocation.

CAB sets aside $15,000 per semester for community proposal funding. Therefore CAB will not approve funds in an amount more than $3000 for any specific proposal. In addition, an individual department may submit as many events as they choose, but CAB will only fund one event per department. CAB will review the Spring 2012 proposals that are received by the November 21 date at their December meeting.

Thank you in advance for helping to make CSI a place where things happen. We look forward to receiving your program ideas. If you have questions about the proposal process, or need assistance with your application, please contact Debi Kee at 718.982.3268 or email