Studying abroad is often called the most life-changing opportunity for an undergraduate student and I’m sure that you share our desire to have more CSI students study abroad. While all of our students can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that we offer through the College, faculty and staff encouragement is the key to motivating our students to take the initiative to study abroad. Our students need your help and we need your help.

In addition to your encouragement, classroom presentations with a study abroad advisor from the Center for International Service are an excellent way to get the word out. To schedule a class visit of ten to 15 minutes this spring, please send an email to Russell Davis, Study Abroad Advisor, at Please include your name, phone number(s), and the course title(s) and number(s), along with the scheduled time and place, approximate class size, and preferred date for the class visit. We will get back to you to confirm the details of the visit. If you have any questions, please call Russell at 718.982.2098.

From Australia to Spain, our advisors can talk to your students about the wide array of affordable study abroad programs that offer CSI credit and engage students in learning about the world on a first-hand basis. In addition, while you might already know that most financial aid applies and significant scholarships are available, you might not have heard that CSI students won nearly $300,000 in scholarships to study abroad over the last three years. CSI students can also receive grants for many programs, including semester awards of up to $8,000 from our program partner in Florence, Italy. To see more about our students’ experiences abroad, we invite you to check out student photos and testimonials at our CSI Study Abroad Blog.

Lastly, I want to thank the many faculty and staff whom I have met this term, who are working so hard to internationalize the academic life of our campus community and to help foster an awareness of the interdependence of nations, the value of diversity, and the importance of global-international understanding. I look forward to working with many more of you in the semesters to come. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your support.