The Music Program of the Department of Performing and Creative Arts proudly presents an Open Mic, featuring
Dominick Tancredi (electric bass) and Rob Carey (guitar, voice), and the CSI Gospel Choir (director Ashley Gillon), on Thursday, Dec. 1 In the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Recital Hall at 1:30pm. Admission is free.

Rob Carey and Dominick Tancredi have been playing together locally for the last decade in various bands that include Pocketful of Pearls, The Headlocks, Rob T. Carey as solo artist, and They have also played numerous times as a duet. The music of their current band is rooted in the various strains of American folk and blues, and consists of arranged songs, loosely structured jams, and pure improvisations. The name is derived from the latter, as improvisation can serve as a flight from established constructs in music. Improvisation gives the musician an opportunity to pursue the core of their musical being, thus making it an essential facet of the practice. carries that aspect of the practice into the live performance venue. 

Under Ashley Gill’s leadership, the Gospel Choir has established itself on campus in the past year and a half. It offers participants a chance to experience the dynamic sounds and sensations of African American music for worship. Amid performances of these featured artists, CSI students will present work that reflects something of their personal musical inclinations.

Contact William R. Bauer, PhD at for further information.