Small business owners can learn about insurance and the new tax laws at the upcoming CSI-SBDC seminar.

The CSI Staten Island Business Development Center (CSI-SBDC) is presenting a seminar on Federal and State tax law changes and insurance needs that affect the small business owner in the CSI Center for the Arts Lecture Hall on January 24 from 8:30am to 11:30am.

Tax season is upon us and there have been many recent changes in tax laws that small business owners need to understand before filing. The seminar will include experts from the New York State Tax Organization, the insurance industry, and the Small Business Development Center, all of whom will address the recent changes, along with many tax tips and initiatives that will help any small business. 

The seminar will also focus on what small business owners need to do to ensure their businesses from major environmental events such as floods and hurricanes. 

“The main point of the event is to give small business owners the clarity for what these new tax provisions entail,” said Dean Balsamini, Director of CSI’s Small Business Development Center. “There may be many changes that the small business owners may not be aware of and these could be implemented as they do their tax planning for 2012.”

After the seminar, small business owners will have the opportunity to discuss their own issues with the tax and insurance professionals during the in-depth panel discussion. 

The CSI SBDC is dedicated to ensuring that the needs of Staten Island’s small business owners are met and to offer free and effective advice on how to manage all aspects of the small business. 

Since 1993, the CSI-SBDC has helped to invest more than $121 million into the local economy by working with over 5,400 potential and actual businesses, and it has helped to create and save over 3,900 jobs.  The CSI-SBDC is committed to providing business education to those who want to take control of their own destiny and start a business. 

This free seminar is open to any small business owner in search of much-needed tax and insurance advice as well as anyone interested in starting a small business.  To register contact Eileen Sullivan at or call 718.982.2560.