Please review the information related to The College of Staten Island’s Workplace Violence Prevention Training including:  

  • Significant campus risk factors identified in your College’s most recent workplace site evaluation.
  • Actions taken by the College to address the identified risk factors.
  • Specific campus resources and contacts for issues or complaints related to workplace violence.
  • How to access your campus WVAT roster and CUNY Policy Statement.
  • How to access your College’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
  • Where to direct any questions that you may have regarding the information presented in your College’s workplace violence prevention training. 

As required by the Department of Labor’s Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau (PESH), annual training in workplace violence prevention is mandatory for all employees. If you have not competed workplace violence training, either in person on the campus or via the University, please do so at your earliest convenience. For more information, contact the Human Resources or Public Safety Office, or a member of the campus Workplace Violence Advisory Team (WVAT).