The City University of New York instituted a new five-year evaluation process for CUNY presidents in 2008.  In October 2011, more than 200 members of the CSI campus community and external constituents were randomly selected by an independent company, Academic Management Systems/ConnectEDU, to participate in an online survey review process.  The results of the survey were reported to and for the exclusive review of the Chancellor and Board of Trustees. 

Subsequent to that review, the Chancellor has invited a committee of four distinguished educators to conduct an onsite visit. The Evaluation Team will visit from Sunday, April 29 to Tuesday, May 1 of this year. They are Evaluation Team Chairperson Dr. Lois B. DeFleur, President Emerita, Binghamton University, New York; Dr. Carlos Hernandez, President, New Jersey City University, New Jersey; Dr. Jolene Koester, President Emerita, California State University—Northridge, California; and Dr. Frank Pogue, President, Grambling State University, Louisiana.

During the Evaluation Team’s visit, its members will meet with me, as well as with a number of constituent groups including faculty, students, administrators, staff, alumni, and community representatives. The Team will also meet with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors. 

Ms. Sandra Sanchez, Campus Liaison to the Evaluation Team, will post the interview schedule, developed by the Evaluation Team.

These past few months have provided a unique opportunity for us all to reflect on the progression of our institution’s evolution—our successes, our challenges, and our aspirations. I wish to extend my appreciation to everyone for your willingness to participate in these most important endeavors as we continue to work collaboratively for the betterment of our institution, our students, and our community.