After her time at CSI, Janine LeChillgrien found a career with a Web company that many of us use every day, Google. “I currently work with the Mobile Ad Sales division of the Display Advertising organization at Google,” she explains. “I work with Fortune 500 clients in the Tech space, like HP, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, and others. As an Account Manager, it’s my job to keep the clients happy, and help them grow their business through advertising on mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets.”

Discussing what she likes best about her job, LeChillgrien says, “My favorite aspect is playing the role of the problem solver. If my client is looking to reach adults who like movies, I can find specific sites and apps that skew high among this demographic to help them sell their product and fulfill their marketing needs. Google has so many great advertising products that it makes it very easy to find custom solutions. I also love working in a fun atmosphere with smart, interesting, and fun colleagues. Google creates a wonderful work environment and really values each employee, which drives us all to work harder and have fun while we are doing it.”

Reminiscing about her time at CSI, LeChillgrien notes that her experience at the College “helped me really understand what it was like to be in the corporate world. The marketing courses I took helped prepare me for presentations in front of clients, and gave me the confidence to be able to speak intelligently on how the products I sell now fit into my clients’ marketing mix. I also was in charge of my college career—I got to choose my path, and that really helped me shape my work career. I felt like I was ready to hit the ground running when I graduated. My degree had an interesting effect—many people might be impressed by a degree from an Ivy League school, but smart employers know that The City University of New York breeds super-hard workers. CSI’s large and diverse class schedule gave me the freedom to have an internship, a part-time job, and work at the campus radio station. This experience outside of the classroom made all the difference in my career.”

What does the future hold? “I’ve currently got my eye on a promotion,” she says, “and am working toward taking on some more responsibility among my group of account managers. I love working in Ad Sales, but I also have an interest in corporate training, so next year I might start taking courses here at Google to help me develop those skills. In the near future, I am looking forward to crushing my end-of-year revenue goals, and taking some time off in Mexico at the end of the month to recharge for 2012.”