On Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20, the College of Staten Island will have the first of the summer two-day New Student Orientation (NSO) programs for incoming registered students. The May 19 and May 20 two-day NSO Program will be held in the Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R) with check-in for students beginning at 8:30am. The program takes place in various buildings on campus throughout the two days. 

The two-day NSO is a College-wide initiative that involves representatives from virtually every department on campus. Incoming students will interact with upper-division Orientation Leaders as well as faculty and staff.

All new incoming students are required to attend the two-day NSO program that culminates with advisement and registration. 

The goals of the two-day NSO program are:

-To welcome and familiarize incoming students with College life, resources, and policies

-Allow incoming students to meet and interact with other new students, faculty, and staff

-Provide an overview on academic expectations, majors, and the advisement and registration process

-Register students for their first semester at CSI 

Incoming students will:

-Participate in team-oriented activities

-Participate in academic informational sessions and student-led workshops

-Receive information on their rights, responsibilities, and University policies

-Receive their CSI ID card

-Learn about the CUNY Web portal, email accounts, and other e-tools and resources

-Receive academic advisement to register for their first semester at CSI

-Tour the CSI campus, with a special focus on the Library

-Be introduced to student services and College life at CSI 

More information on the two-day NSO program on May 19 and May 20, including a sample of the mandatory two-day format and a Frequently Asked Questions section is available online.  

The two-day NSO program is designed to assist our new students in making the transition into College and to help them make the most of their CSI experience. 

Please direct all inquiries from new students or parents to:  Office of New Student Orientation/CLUE, Building 2A, Room 208; phone: 718.982.2529; fax: 718.982.2599; email: nsocluementor@csi.cuny.edu.

Additional questions from faculty and staff can be directed to Elaine D. Flynn, phone: 718.982.2593; fax: 718.982.2599; email: elaine.flynn@csi.cuny.edu.