An informative event is scheduled on Tuesday, Nov. 13 in the Library (Building 1L), Room 203 as part of the Special Events Series for Fall 2012 at the Faculty Center for Professional Development. All full-time, part-time, and retired faculty are invited to join us in the Library 1L-203.

Dr. Elena Bertozzi, Associate Professor and Director of the Game Design and Development program at Long Island University Post, and the founder of the annual PlayExpo conference, Engender Games Group Lab, and Ardea Arts, will present “Digital Game Design and Development.” Dr. Bertozzi will discuss how her Engender Games Group Lab works with medical professionals to develop health games. The talk will cover: attracting funding, negotiating IP, obtaining IRB approval, and the process of game development and testing for this particular kind of game. She will show the gameson which her lab is currently working and discuss the Master’s program in Game Development at LIU Post.

Dr. Bertozzi has taught game design and development for many years. Her research focus is on play and gender and how they relate to technophilia, technophobia, and self-efficacy. She is always trying to figure out how to attract more women to this demanding, highly competitive field. Through the Engender Games Group Lab, she works with students, alumni, and external clients to develop serious/educational games that make a positive social impact.