Dear CSI Students:

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, I would like to join President Fritz to express sincerest and heartfelt condolences to all CSI students, faculty and staff, as well as the Staten Island and East Coast communities impacted by the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  We know that many of our students and their families are still without food, water, housing and other commodities that were here before the storm and now are gone. We also understand that many of our students may be concerned about how their losses may impact their ability to remain in school.  It is important for you to know that the Division of Student Affairs is committed to helping to ensure that various student needs can potentially be addressed during this time of crisis, and beyond.

As such, please see the information below regarding the availability of counseling support services, emergency student funding, and an update on efforts to connect the CSI campus with community relief efforts.

Student Counseling Support: Students who feel that they would benefit from speaking with a staff member during this difficult time are encouraged to visit the Counseling Center in 1A-109. Students can confidentially discuss any problems or concerns with professional Counselors who are available Monday-Friday from 9AM- 5PM and Wednesdays and Thursdays until 7:30PM.  To schedule an appointment, please call 718-982-2391 or email the Counseling office at

Emergency Student Funding Available: Students who demonstrate need and are facing a short-term, non-reoccurring financial emergency as a result of Hurricane Sandy can apply for a Petrie Emergency Student Grant. Examples of need include, but are not limited to: loss of housing; fire in living quarters; damage or theft of computer or books; required uninsured medical treatment; travel due to death in the immediate family; imminent eviction; a lack of funds to travel to and from school; and other possible related situations.  Petrie Emergency Grant applications are available in: COPE 1A-109A, SEEK 1A-112G, Health and Wellness 1C-112, Science & Technology 1A-310, Financial Aid 2A-401C, Student Life 1C-201 and at

Opportunity to Assist with Relief Efforts: We are currently working to identify appropriate opportunities for members of the CSI community to assist with relief efforts on Staten Island. We plan to share more specific information early next week about ways that all of us can help each other and others in need. If you have questions or information regarding community relief efforts, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718-982-3088 or by email at

Please know that the Division of Student Affairs and the College will do its best to help ensure your continued success at CSI.

Thank you.

A. Ramona Brown, Ed.D

Vice President for Student Affairs