96 Bulls & Roach Gang battle it out for championship

The College of Staten Island’s Intramural & Recreation Program concluded their spring 2013 3-on-3 Basketball double-elimination tournament yesterday afternoon at the Sports & Recreation Center. The “96 Bulls” as they were named, took home the championship with a stellar performance winning four straight games in the final rounds to pull out the victory.

In a double-elimination tournament that started with 16 teams, each team had their eye on the grand prize of advancing to the CUNY-Wide Intramural Championship.  As each week passed, some teams faltered while other teams flourished. As the final rounds were set to begin only four teams remained: The Minorities, 96 Bulls, Top Gunna’s and Roach Gang.

Roach Gang was in the winner’s bracket and awaited one of those three teams that would rise from the loser’s bracket to face them. Top Gunna’s had their spot in the loser’s bracket final game and awaited the winner of the first game. In the first game of the afternoon, 96 Bulls defeated The Minorities, 11-5. 96 Bulls than went on to face Top Gunna’s. Both teams traded baskets in the early going until 96 Bulls pulled away with a four point lead and eventually taking the win, 11-6.

The final game(s) was set, 96 Bulls vs. Roach Gang. 96 Bulls would have to win two games against Roach Gang to be crowed champions, but that was no easy task. In game one both teams where on the attack early and traded baskets until the score was tied at 8 apiece. At which point the 96 Bulls strung together a couple of defensive stops and three straight points to seal the win, 11-8.

In the final “winner take all” game, both teams were ready to face each other one last time. The 96 Bulls and Roach Gang played their hearts out and battled for every possession. The game was tied 10-10, with no time limit the game would be played to straight 12. Both teams traded a basket to make the score 11-11. The next point would win it for either team and the 96 Bulls would score that point on an offensive rebound and put back, stealing the win and advancing to the CUNY-Wide Intramural Championship to be played Saturday, April 20 at Hostos Community College.

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