Professor Uwe Gielen from St. Francis College in Brooklyn will give a presentation entitled “Dragon Seed: Chinese Immigrant Youths in New York” on May 1 in the Campus Center (Building 1C) Green Dolphin Lounge at 12:20pm.

Prof. Gielen’s presentation is based on 65 intensive, psychosocial interviews with male and female Chinese American immigrants in New York City (age: 15 to 33 years), autobiographical essays by 82 Chinese American high school and college students from New York, and other research that he and his research group are presently conducting. Slides taken in the Manhattan, Flushing, and Brooklyn Chinatowns will provide a visual context for the presentation. 

The World on Wednesday lecture series is sponsored by the Center for International Service and the Modern China Studies program.  It is approved a CC CLUE credit. 

If you wish to present, please contact Winnie Brophy at 718.982.2100 or