Stephen Flannery, a student at CSI, punctuated the ceremony with an acoustic guitar selection. (c) Brian Wong

STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE — The College of Staten Island held a 9/11 remembrance with interim President William J. Fritz and another 150 CSI alumni, officials and students.

The noon program at the World Trade Center Memorial on the Willowbrook campus included a somber acoustic guitar performance and an emotional poetry reading with speeches noting the tragedy.

Cate Marvin read an unpublished poem about the challenges of writing in the aftermath of 9/11, and Stephen Flannery punctuated the ceremony with a serene acoustic guitar selection.

The school’s memorial was the first in the country to be erected using actual steel debris from Ground Zero.

Victims were remembered, including the 27 CSI alumni killed 12 years ago in the attack.

“It does not seem possible that twelve years have now passed since the tragic events of 9/11,” Fritz said. “Time stands still as the memories of that day and its aftermath remain eternally close to our hearts — eternally in our minds. We will never forget those whom we lost. We will never forget the families, friends and loved ones who continue to heal from this indescribable tragedy.”

This article originally appeared in the Staten Island Advance and and is reprinted here with permission.

The College of Staten Island World Trade Center Memorial Garden features a granite stone engraved with the names of 27 Alumni:

Joseph Agnello 1990
Laura Angilletta 2001
Jane E. Baeszler 1981
Paul V. Barbaro 1988
Greg Buck 1995
Kenneth J. Cubas 1975
Beverly LaVerne Curry 1999…
Scott Matthew Davidson 1991
John DiFato 1984
Lisa DiFato Cannava 1993
Donald Joseph DiFranco 1979
Carole Beth Eggert 1990
John Rudolph Fischer 1978
Thomas P. Hannafin 1990
Lee C. Ludwig 1972
Richard Miuccio 1978
Troy E. Nilsen 1994
Brian Nunez 1999
William S. O’Keefe 1976
Mark James Petrocelli 1995
Edward F. Pullis 1992
Michael T. Quilty 1979
John F. Rizzo 1977
Lisa L. Spina-Trerotola 1985
Larry Sumaya 1981
Darryl Anthony Taylor 1981
Jeffrey P. Walz 1986