Ying Zhu’s recent OpEd review of Tiny Times (read the review on TheAtlantic.com>) was recently referenced in the NY Times article entitled “A Film-Fueled Culture Clash Over Values in China: In ‘Tiny Times’ Movies, Material Girls Have a Nation Tsking.”


Film critics have described the first movie [Tiny Times] as being like “The Devil Wears Prada” meets “Sex and the City” (without the sex). The Chinese critic Raymond Zhou denounced “Tiny Times” in The Beijing Evening News and in a subsequent appearance on the China Central Television show “Crossover,” faulting its undercurrent of “crass” materialism and “bad taste.” The New York-based media scholar Ying Zhu, writing with Frances Hisgen in The Atlantic online in an article widely cited in China, condemned the film’s “twisted male narcissism.”

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