The Archives & Special Collections at the College of Staten Island Library presents CSI Author Talks on Tuesday, Oct. 29 in the Library (Building 1L), Room 216 at 2:30pm. This series of Author Talks gives CSI authors an opportunity to discuss the research that went into their books.

Charles Liu, Department of Engineering Science and Physics

The Handy Astronomy Answer Book

Visible Ink Press, 2013, Third Edition

From planetary movements and the exploration of our solar system to black holes and dark matter, this comprehensive reference simplifies all aspects of astronomy with an approachable question-and-answer format. Updated and expanded, this third edition is an ideal companion for students, teachers, and amateur astronomers, answering more than 1,000 questions, such as “Is the universe infinite?” “What would happen to you if you fell onto a black hole?” “What are the basic concepts of Einstein’s special theory of relativity?” and Why is the Higgs boson called the ‘God particle’?” 

Cynthia Chris and David Gerstner (editors), Department of Media Culture

Media Authorship

Routledge, 2013

Contemporary media authorship is frequently collaborative, participatory, non-site specific, or quite simply goes unrecognized. In this volume, media and film scholars explore the theoretical debates around authorship, intention, and identity within the rapidly transforming and globalized culture industry of new media. Defining media broadly, across a range of creative artifacts and production cultures—from visual arts to videogames, from textiles to television—contributors consider authoring practices of artists, designers, do-it-yourselfers, media professionals, scholars, and others. 

Jessica Burke, Department of English

The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales

Myth Ink Books, 2013

Deep in the heart of Staten Island, New York City’s ‘forgotten borough’, horrible creatures lurk… and they’re particularly fond of ice cream.

Be prepared to explore the everyday with a macabre, decidedly Lovecraftian twist in this collection of short fiction, where anything is possible. The mundane world becomes a place where kittens journey in time and space– and sometimes pick up hitchhikers, where humans aren’t the only ones who bring their children to work, where souvenirs aren’t just for tourists, where storms can become creatures with their own appetite, and where a simple ice cream cone takes on a nefarious edge.

This event is co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost/Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.