The Career and Scholarship Center has recently undergone some transformational changes, including migration to a new Career Services Manager (CSM) provided by Symplicity.

Symplicity is used by 994 other universities and colleges nationwide, including NYU, Cornell Law, and Cambridge School of Business, as well as many CUNY career centers. This system is a step ahead in communicating with students and providing online access to our services from both on and off campus, keeping us in touch 24/7.

A short list of what Symplicity provides includes:

-Career development integration through embedded ONET, allowing students direct access to career research while looking and applying for employment, internships, and scholarships;
-Access via cell phones, iPads, tablets, and computers.  Symplicity has been developed to support mobile browsing. Students can browse and apply for opportunities right on their mobile devices;
-Reports on student and employer satisfaction through the use of custom surveys and assessment instruments;
-A dynamic new way to allow the Center to update relevant information such as external job databases, scholarships, and Career and Scholarship events securely and quickly;
-Streamlined registration for new employers with direct Website links available to register and post jobs all in one simple visit.  (Employers have already begun to utilize Symplicity CSM to register and post jobs.); and
-Upon request, faculty can be granted access to Symplicity to view employment and internship opportunities to refer to their students. (Interested faculty members should contact the Career and Scholarship Center at 718.982.2300.)

Symplify your life with Symplicity.