Alan Hoffner, Director of Testing and professor of Sociology at CSI, presented his signature Diversity Workshop at New Jersey’s Wayne Hills High School last month. Vice President for Enrollment Management Mary Beth Reilly was instrumental in organizing the presentation.

Alan Hoffner, Wayne Hills High School Principal Maureen Weir, Mary Beth Reilly.

Mr. Hoffner’s presentation typically begins with a discussion of gender, and then organically moves forward based upon audience interaction into race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body types, ability and disability, and other differences.

Maureen Weir, principal of Wayne Hills high school, wrote “Thank you so much for the diversity workshop that you presented this morning to the Wayne Hills High School senior class. This workshop, on this timely and important topic… is essential in preparing our students to confront issues in the world of work and college and to be good citizens. Clearly, the students were engaged in the discussion and we are so pleased with their receptiveness and reaction to the program.We truly look forward to future collaborations between the College of Staten Island, Wayne Hills High School, and other schools in our district.”

Naomi Conklin, coordinator of student and staff relations and District HIB Coordinator wrote “I wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed this… program and how pleased I was that our Wayne Hills students were given the opportunity to spend an hour to contemplate the important issues presented. I was particularly moved by the one student in the audience who so eloquently articulated the difference between prejudice and discrimination  – to paraphrase, ‘hating others in your heart versus doing something with the hate’.   And hearing the discussion end with ‘just do the right thing.’  It was great. Thanks for bringing this to our school district.”