One Soul: When Humanity Fails, a Holocaust remembrance exhibition, will be on view in the Edmond Volpe Rotunda of the CSI Library (Building 1L) now Friday, May 2.

One Soul: When Humanity Fails is the first in a series of Afikim Foundation One Soul exhibitions that explore the Holocaust. Each will present historical events that help us consider contemporary lessons.

At the end of World War II, U.S. troops sweeping through Germany discovered evidence of unspeakable crimes against humanity. This exhibition tells of the soldiers who liberated western Europe and freed the survivors of Nazi persecution.

This exhibition is an ambitious long-term project that is based on the ideals that each person’s contribution and good work affect the whole, and that positive actions today are essential to encourage an attitude toward humanity that could counter the horrors of the Holocaust.

One Soul: When Humanity Fails fills the growing schism that is arising between the dying generation of survivors and the new generation of youth that is struggling to comprehend the depths of evil that abounded in the Holocaust. While Holocaust education has certainly grown in importance, the method by which it is taught focuses on the death and destruction without teaching students about the lessons that can be learned and how their emotional and intellectual responses can be channeled into constructive action and awareness.

More information about this exhibition is available online.

This exhibition is coordinated by the College of Staten Island Archives & Special Collections, and is co-sponsored by Hillel at the College of Staten Island and the College of Staten Island Library.