Please join Hillel at the College of Staten Island on Thursday, Apr. 24 in Building 2N, Room 111 at 2:30pm for a fascinating lunch with Shir Mnuchin who will discuss the film Shadow in Baghdad, which was nominated for the Social Justice Award at the International Film Festival this coming February.

Shadow in Baghdad examines the relationship that develops between Mnuchin’s mother, a Middle Eastern columnist who fled from Iraq in the early 1970s, and a young Muslim Iraqi journalist based in Iraq between 2010-2013, as they try to unravel the fate of her father, who was kidnapped in Iraq shortly after the mother’s escape.

In her talks, Mnuchin incorporates scenes from the film. In a broader sense, the film tells the story of nearly one million refugees from Muslim countries over the past 70 years whose story is untold.

More information on the film is available online.