Join Dean Maureen Becker, School of Health Sciences, for the “kick off” of a free health and wellness program, SHAPE  UP CSI, for College employees/staff. The kick-off breakfast will be held on Friday, Oct. 17 in the Campus Center (Building 1C) at 8:30am.

At the breakfast, the program will be explained and optional baseline measurements can be taken. For those participants opting to have their baseline measurements taken, a report card will be available where their results are recorded (BP, weight, BMI, flexibility, etc.). These measurements will be taken by nursing and physical therapy students from the School of Health Sciences.

Although the eight-week initiative will begin the week of Friday, Oct. 17, people can join at any point in the eight-week cycle as the goal is to engage as many CSI employees/staff as possible. During the eight weeks, a calendar will be in place with weekly events consisting of:

-Educational sessions (once a week  at 2 different times, day/evening)

-Physical activity classes ( held at 5:30pm, once a week)

-Walking sessions (held two times a week, Mondays and Thursdays at 12:15pm at the track)

The  eight weeks end on Friday, Dec. 12 with a grand finale breakfast where optional final measurements can be obtained.

RSVP for the breakfast by calling 718.982.3153 as soon as possible. If you cannot attend, stay tuned as SHAPE UP CSI calendars will soon come your way.